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Punishment Appeal Guide

This forum is the place for appealing against a punishment (ban, tempban, mute, tempmute) that has been issued against you.

We ask that you use this guide and template in your appeal. Failure to do so may mean your appeal is disqualified.

Steps to Make an Appeal:

Step 1: Have I been issued a punishment?

You can check this on our online ban database:

Step 2: What type of appeal do I want to make?

After reading and understanding what your punishment is and what your punishment was for, there are two ways you can appeal it:

1. You dispute that you actually did what you have been punished for
2. You accept that you did what you have been punished

Step 3: Write your ban appeal

Copy the template and make a new thread to write your appeal. Once done post your appeal in this forum.

Thread Title:
Punishment Appeal - Username

Example: Punishment Appeal - 0zlw
=== Creation Reborn Ban Appeal #1 ===

---About You---

Main server you play on:

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued:
Length of punishment:
Reason given in database:

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute:
Why do you dispute this/evidence:

Additional details/comments:
Step 4: Wait for a decision

Once you have made your post, it becomes public. Creation Reborn Staff will use your appeal to make a decision on any changes that may be made to your punishment. The decision process may involve additional questions being asked of you on your thread. Please respond to these questions as quickly as possible.

Once Creation Reborn Staff are satisfied with their decision, the outcome of your appeal will be posted on your ticket (and an automatic email will be sent). We ask that as a user of our services you accept this decision what ever it may be.

Tips for an Appeal

- Include detail where possible. Information helps us to make a decision that is as just and fair as is possible
- Don't write an appeal when angry. It doesn't help an appeal to come over as angry and aggressive.
- Don't lie. Lying and making things up in an appeal is not helpful and is unlikely to result in your punishment being successfully appealed.
- Put a little bit of time into it. We are much more likely to accept appeals where people clearly show they care and want to be back on the server as rule following players.

Creation Reborn Administration Team
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