Reach for the sky!!


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Well hello there! :)

I am so very terrible at building houses, I have my own town but am wanting someone to build me an epicly awesome house.

I built one place, it wasn't too bad, I pulled it down and started building a new one... That ended rather terribly too.

KingMarsden said that I could try and find the secret code at pluto warp, where the lolnet architect would build one free epicly awesome house. But, my luck is pretty bad :/

So, I'm putting this post out here to ask if anyone is willing to design and build me an awesome house :)

PEXINGTON offered to build me a house, completely free... But is busy working on something else at the moment.

Pleeease :D :D :D I will love you forever!


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Just be on around 3:00-4:00 p.m. NZT (It will be really late in my time zone) and i'll get started. Any resources you could donate to it will be helpful, however I will bring things. Any particular theme you are going for?


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Hey Restiv!
Thanks for getting back to me!

Squid has built me a house, and I am in the process of changing the materials it was constructed with from clay to pillar quarts.

I have now promoted squid to architect of my town!