Minecraft Username
Hi there!

These last couple of years, from Lolnet's announced shutdown, then transformation into Creation Reborn, and the couple of lockdowns has unironically made me have 'Minecraft on my mind'.

I used to play on Lolnet religiously from 2012-2016 before fading away in 2017. This was my first ever Minecraft multiplayer experience and little did I know that when I first logged in, I would grow to have fond memories and be so invested in the community. I was a literal kid upon joining, didn't even have premium at the time. I played a good chunk of my 'very late' childhood to mid teenage years on this community, I used to be a user assistant (do those still exist?), and settled into being a moderator before hanging up my, I guess World Edit /wand in 2014.

My favourite game-modes were Survival and War World (or factions PvP) before the latter shut down; I was 100% one of those pricks that went around raiding other people's bases, taking all your stuff and in general just being a dickhead because I thought my faction was the best but hey, it was factions.. and the kid inside me still thinks we were the best. I hopped around other games in around 2014 gradually drifting away from the game and server, but I never found another community like Lolnet in the others I've joined.

Maybe it's nostalgia talking, but I really felt at home here, big populated servers don't often capture that small tight-knit community feel the server has had. Remember when big server announcements, world changes, or staff promotions would be hosted at actual in-game places like it were a big conference/community hall meeting? I've gotta dig up those screen recordings somewhere and share them, for any Lolnet boomers hanging around, if any.

The state of the community has completely left my radar after 2019/birth of Creation Reborn, but the fact its still here ten years since it's opening to the public is honestly amazing, and I hope to be semi-active in the community in these pandemic times!

Thank you for coming to my TED (re)introduction :p