Rainbow Fighters 2 Event


What: Rainbow Fighters Event
What is Rainbow Fighters? : viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2505 For further info, see OutbackTurtle in game.
When? : Wednesday 5.30pm NZT 20th November

There is a warp at spawn for you to check out what RainbowFighters looks like, and you can practise there with your friends before the event. Keep inventory and level is enabled in this area, so you do not lose your hard earned items or exp.

First place Prize: $50,000
Runners up prize: $20,000

How to play: Both players enter the arena, wait for the instructors orders. When you start, you press the buttons above your opponents head to activate a piston above them and suffocate them with it. You win when the other person has died by suffocating in a wall.

How the competition works: There are 8 arenas, where 2 people stand occupy 1. When a person wins in an arena, they move on to the second arena, and fight their new opponent there. This process continues until it is narrowed down to a final 2 players. Winner of the finals wins $50k! Runner up wins $20k.

If you wish to enter this competition, please see OutbackTurtle in game, or leave a reply below saying "I want to join! - <Player name here>". There is a maximum of 16 spots, so enter quick!