Raffle Competition Thing!


Hey Guys,

I'm pretty bored and I don't know what to do with my money, so, I decided I'd do a raffle thing!

If you want to join, just put a comment below. Don't do it In-Game, i'll forget.
Once you put your name in, you could randomly win a price money that varies from $10 to $1000!
I will be doing this when I'm on, you could randomly win an amount of money!
You can only put your name in once.(Comment once only)
If I see your name twice, you can forget it.
I will be picking 15 people everytime I do it (Randomly).
I will also raffle the amount of money that I will give away (So it's Random).
Minimum people before I start is 10.
If you are not online and you get picked, I will have to redraw.

Price Range:

Anyone can join, so just comment below if you want a chance to randomly win a random amount of money!

-Cyber :D