Question about the logs.


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I want to know if the logs record everything, including if someone is hitting something and if someone is taking damage. It doesn't seem legit how a guy in enchanted iron armour and a iron sword with full health lost to a guy with just a wooden sword. Funny how happyguy1972 didn't get hit at all. The fact that he said that I didn't swing my sword at all and that he was behind me the whole time is funny too. Ha ha ha. Did I forget to mention that falling into my moat does damage?

Was his faction a enemy? Yes.
He wouldn't take fall damage if he dug down. The area was claimed by me.
Are you sure your not just butthurt? Yes I'm sure, the first two times he attacked me I was surprised and I wasn't wearing any armour and didn't have a sword. That's why I died.
Give me back mah man cookies!!! Don't be jelly naymah.


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The logs do not record "who is hitting who" and "who is taking damage", only "who killed who".

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