Question about the Arrow icon/emoji

:gold: Hey everyone!
How are you? I'm great :D This is my second post today and I'm feeling awesome!!
Anyway, when I was posting my other post today, I tried posting the Minecraft arrow emoji/icon, but when I previewed it, it showed as the arrow in the yellow circle.
I also noticed it's because their "code-name" (the way to type it) are both :.arrow.: (without the dots..hehe) and that it only shows the yellow arrow and the Minecraft arrow doesn't appear.
Is this just me, or is it a bug?
Also, sorry if this post is in the wrong category, because I don't exactly know which topic this would belong to, so I posted it in the off-topic section.. :gold:

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Properly one of the most random things to talk about but I guess what this forum is for, wouldn't have a clue (A bug I guess).