PVP Tournament.


Hello my fellow Lolnetians, my name is Benzpie and i have been working on something rather special for you all...

(Drum roll please....)

the first ever BPF PVP Tournament

This is going to be huge, so i want EVERYONE involved!

- There will be <5 pools, each pool consisting of twenty players.
- Eight arenas will be built( Four are currently finished), and each pool shall play through them twice.
- These are all Free For All matches, last man standing = win.
- After each match, the participants will be awarded points; 1st = 20 poinst, 2nd = 19 points etc.
- The points will be totalled up, and after all 16 events, the top 5 players from each pool will go into one final pool. they will then run through each event once more, and the contestant with the most points at the end will win!

to sign up, leave a comment below.

1) Danhanado
2) aldx_ibx123
3) Goshi