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Hey guys my new pvp map will be soon to finish :D

With this pvp map I will make it into a game called CaslteDefense

So game is one team(CastleGuards) is going to defend the castle from enemies
The other team(TheRaiders) goes into the castle and try to get into the castle throne and sit in the throne so you can be the new king of the castle.
Once you sit on the throne lights will go up and show someone is sitting on the throne. Once all the lights are lighted you have to fight a boss which is the king (this could be someone)
So you fight to the death.
If you kill the King then you won.
Then the teams swaps and play the game.
TheCastleGuards swap into TheRaiders
TheRaiders swap to TheCaslteGuards then play on.
It repeats and then someone has to fight the king.

If your the 2 person who defeated the king you have to fight the each other.

The winner gets 10 Diamonds and 2k

*Please do not bring anything with you as we provide you armor and swords.
*No god mod

If my castle is finish I will open the game every month (but you can use it for pvp) and this month it will start at 23/5/13 around 6:00

See you there



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Uhh Bboy? Can we just give em the dimes :p We got more of those P.S was the castle we were building supposed to be a game :/ and also Give me the 2k I is runnin outa moneh :p


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Hello, Bboy

Is this 'Castle Defence' game still up and running? I'm planning to make a PvP arena too and the game sounds like good fun soooo..... yeah.