Pvp Build off

Ok so its half build off, half pvp. So it will have a hunger games lay out, it will be divided into four. But the chests are in their own little section. You need to get to the chests, and grab as much as you can. Its not pvp in your section however. In that section you can build, and it can't be destroyed. New supplies will appear in the chests. You can fight for these supplies. There will be a fair amount of space between the chests and the places where you build. Remember, this is a build off, so you need to make it look good. You will start off with whatever complies with the theme. Your game mode will be survival, but the pics will have very good enchants and fly will be activated for you. The better it will comply with the theme, the closer it will be to the middle. You will also have haste effect. Anyone can join in, just mail me ingame or comment on here. The day it will happen is this sunday 5pm NZ time, and the fallback day will be next Saturday 3pmNZtime
More information will be posted shortly.