Punishment Appeal - YolocaustVAPE

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Username: YolocaustVAPE
Main server you play on: FTB Beyond

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Ban
Length of punishment: Perm
Reason given in database: "your not welcome"

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute: My ban
Why do you dispute this/evidence: My brother came on my Minecraft account and said a bunch of hateful stuff on the server (he doesn't remember specifics unfortunately). He's a very big Trump supporter and was giving his thoughts on the issues at hand. He's been punished at home for his hateful comments. Me and my brother are willing to join Teamspeak to apologise.

Additional details/comments: I really like this server.


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there is nothing to resolve we punish the account, also this ban was issued 9 months ago 7 mins after the account logged in so there is no way you can say you like the server there has been no chance for you to play it, I see no reason to unban based on the appeal
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