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=== Creation Reborn Ban Appeal #1 ===

---About You---
Joseph Bellas
Played for about a week and got banned

-No hacks or anything to purposely get in trouble-

Username: ssdbm
Main server you play on:

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Perm Ban
Length of punishment: Permanent
Reason given in database:
Nuisance to staff, swearing
---Your Appeal---

What you dispute:
Why do you dispute this/evidence:
Me and an admin had an argument. It's been awhile I dont really remember. I just want to play with my friends. I played some other pack but I would like
to be able to play rlcraft with my friends. Only issue was I argued with an admin about computer stuff. Nothing even rlly server related

Additional details/comments:
Admin - Unknown.....


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Hi ssdbm,

I was the admin that banned you. The argument you were having was not computer related, but wholly related to how the server was being run, where upon you continued to complain, and argued about how terrible the server was etc.

You also have had 5 mutes for bad language.

But, I think you deserve one more chance. I will accept this appeal, but please go through the server rules again and be cognisant of them. If you break them again then it will result in another ban.
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