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---About You---

Username: MrKill339
Main server you play on: RlCraft

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Ban
Length of punishment: Perm
Reason given in database: Bypassing punishment system

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute: the ban
Why do you dispute this/evidence: Basically, a guy named "Big Block Hock' joined the server. I saw the name and simply made the joke that was obviously meant to be apart of the name, "Big Black C0ck". I did that people laughed it was fine. Even the member 123azane, said it was fine and it wasn't a bannable offence simply because it wasn't severe enough I guess? Soon after though, I got chat banned for the reason being 'swearing'. At this point, I was confused since a staff member already had said it wasn't bannable, and the ban didn't allow me to chat in any way possible including /pm to let my friend know I was banned. So I simply went on discord to type in chat I was banned and let my friend know I was banned and that I wasn't intentionally ignoring his messages since we couldn't join discord that day because my mic had broke. When I type in the discord chat, however, I was immediately told that I was 'bypassing punishment' by 123azane. I had not a clue that this was the case since I had never even heard anyone talk or say anything anywhere that talking on discord is considered 'bypassing punishment' for a chat ban in-game. I unknowingly had 'bypassed punishment' and tried to delete my messages to fix the mistake I had made, but 123azane told me that wasn't the case.

Not sure how this escalated to the point where I got perm banned for making a mistake for the first time ever since starting on this server for more than a year now. I'll be honest, I know Element hates me, considering every time we play a mod pack something goes wrong at our house and the server somehow manages to crash, such as sevtech when our house became a new biome that spawned billions of mobs Somehow.

Not sure what else to say, I've tried to detail as much of the story as possible, and I mean at this point not sure what else there is to say other than sorry for a making the mistake of bypassing the punishment.

Additional details/comments: Guess if im chat restricted I won't use my discord to chat, other than that mb.


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Hi there,

Just thought I'd point out a few things here:

  • It's clearly stated in the rules that any attempt to circumvent a punishment will result in a harsher punishment than the original one being given. If you chose to ignore this rule, or chose to not even read the rules, that's your own fault.
  • Your attitude to staff on Discord earlier today did not help your case. If you were actually serious about wanting to be unbanned, the right thing to do would have been to make your appeal, admit what you did was wrong, and await a reply.
  • Your original mute was actually an automatic mute - receiving three warnings for offensive language will issue you an automatic 30-minute mute, meaning you'd already used offensive language twice already and been warned for it.
  • xElementzx generally doesn't hate any person above others unless they give him reason to - he's been a member of this community for a long time now and I trust his judgement. Also, items lost to server crashes and modpack issues are generally not refunded, no matter who loses them.
While I know the decision I would make in this case, ultimately it isn't my call to make. That's for the other staff to decide whether or not you should be allowed back. Until then, just wait and be patient.
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1st point fair enough I'll be honest didn't see that circumvent thing and not a clue what that word even means, so that's on me. 2nd, attitude towards staff yesterday. Not sure how I had an attitude I was just simply pissed and I am sure anyone would be and once again that's one me fair enough. I mean we were just chatting and the only part I went wrong I think was saying 'F*kn oath' to the question If I wanted to be unbanned. Other than that I was just asking questions, yes in a tone that I myself wouldn't classify as passive, don't think it warrants it as uncivil now based on your chat rules. Yeah, I also might added some unnecessary comments such as 'what's the point of an appeal if element hates me', but if this is truly fair, it was in response to him replying and saying he doesn't care for my ban appeal. [Majority of the passive-aggressive tone, was based simply on your comment that it was not a bannable offence since it wasn't considering swearing using the word 'c0ck'. This in combination with what I say, below, is exactly the reason for my unnecessary comments. Do not take this the wrong way, I am not blaming you 123azane, cos I am sure you're gonna view it that way, I just went off what you said]. 3rd point, 3 mutes since when I have not a clue. Maybe on lolnet before it got changed to creation reborn, but I did not know that Lolnet = creation reborn. I thought it was a brand new server, given its new branding would be a fresh start. 4th point, I won't even dare to comment considering it would just make things worse.

To be honest, I do really wanna get unbanned, but I mean im not gonna start begging for it, if element really doesn't want me on this server which he even stated yesterday in fact that he doesn't want me to play on this server given my past experience with him, so be it I guess, ill just have to move on from the game. Meh was fun I guess ay, had some decent times.

"{Until then, just wait and be patient}" - Not sure if this means I wasn't supposed to reply, so rip if that is what it meant.

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