Punishment Appeal - Hyperglobalmega


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Username: Hyperglobalmega
Main Server: survival

Punishment: permanent ban
Length: permanent
Reason: griefing

I accept what I did what I have been punished for and would like to dispute the harshness of the punishment.

I figure that'ss the closer option as I don't fully understand what I have done, I have taken some materials from older bases but I figured they were no longer in use. I most likely did something wrong as I have only just started playing minecraft again for the first time in a few years so I'm not 100% on rules and I understand I should have been fully clear on the server rules before playing. I know griefing is a shitty thing to do but I do dispute that a permanent ban without a warning is unfair and would like another chance.


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The reason you were banned was because I had attempted to contact you for a good hour or so, asking you why you had removed so many items. (I received a complaint and saw that you removed many items from a certain area.) That was your chance to redeem yourself, however, you seemed to either ignore me, or be afk (doubt that considering you left and rejoined multiple times).

I appreciate the fact you wrote an appeal and this leads me to believe you are genuinely passionate about playing here and that you should be given a second chance.

But, for future reference:
#1. Griefing is a severe offence- which is why we often immediately permanently ban players as a result of it.
#2. Taking materials from older bases can still be considered griefing. The server is fairly new so any of the things in the bases would be around a month old. Even so, it's not good to take materials from them.
#3. I would recommend reading /rules ingame to ensure you do not breach any rules in the future.

Appeal Accepted.