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=== Creation Reborn Ban Appeal #1 ===

---About You---

Username: cartibabyvoice
Main server you play on: academy.creationreborn.net

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: permanent ban
Length of punishment: permanent
Reason given in database: swearing

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute: the permanent ban for swearing ONE WORD
Why do you dispute this/evidence: im sorry it was not appropriate and it wont happen again but the punishment is way too extreme, there was no warning i was just banned straight away which is ridiculous.

Additional details/comments: mod who banned me needs to be under review hes abusing his power i literally only said one word
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The first thing you said after joining our network for the first time was a racist term, and we do not tolerate racism here. You then assumed you would be banned, which really makes us question why you were racist to start with.

I am the person that banned you, but there is no abuse of power here, its simply our rule to permaban for racism.

Appeal Denied.
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