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=== Creation Reborn Ban Appeal #1 ===

---About You---

: Big_Bussy
Main server you play on: Wanting to play on Builders Paradise, ban occured on either Horizons III or Revelation.

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued:
2019-04-13 Ban
Length of punishment: indefinite
Reason given in database: "find somewhere else to play then"

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute:
i argue that my ban was harsh and should have been at most a temp mute
Why do you dispute this/evidence: i accept that i did what i was punished for, i was being erroneous in order to cause uproar/annoyance, it was childish of me to say the things i was saying, about a friend or not. Carrying on after the fact on the discord server was also not ok.
Had i known the repurcussions of acting out of line were so grave i'd not have so much as parted my lips,
i'd greatly appreciate the ability to come back to the server after these 4 months to try out "builders paradise" with a friend and not act with such infantalism

Additional details/comments:
- the reason i was given doesnt describe what actually happened: i was saying homophobic things in the chat and playing it off as if it was okay because i myself am gay, i know that's not how these things work now and i cant just flash my"gay card" and get a pass on saying hurtful things.
- this ban ocurred 4 months ago
- my minecraft account name has since changed from Big_Bussy to Luchlamydia.
- i wasn't entirely sure how to follow the last two questons in the template but i hope this appeal is still acceptable.
- i'd very much appreciate a second chance at playing on this server, this time with a distinct lack of distasteful messages in the chat.
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Appeal Accepted.
Be warned. if you do it again, this ban will infact be permanent with absolutely no chance for unban.
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