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=== Creation Reborn Ban Appeal #1 ===

---About You---

Username: 4giveness
Main server you play on: RLcraft

---About the Punishment---

Punishment issued: Ban
Length of punishment: 2019-10-07 23:02:29 to 2019-10-14 23:02:29
Reason given in database: Griefing

---Your Appeal---

What you dispute: the ban
Why do you dispute this/evidence: honestly unaware it was players good throughout the rush of trying not to die, cant provide any evidence of my stupidity i should have known.

Additional details/comments: as i stated to the player please tell me what is missing id be more then willing to look for it and even farm it back no matter the time needed. Im sorry for any inconvenience coursed by this and will deferentially make sure to triple check and pay attention before looting in the future. if provided the players name i would be interested in writing a written apologise letter for any setbacks i know were all out here trying to survive.


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Hi 4giveness,

We do take griefing quite seriously, and I do accept that you are being very honest and want to make amends.
However, I find the week long punishment to be appropriate.

I have spoken to the player that was griefed, and no other apologies need to be made, but its kind of you to offer!

Your ban will end on 2019-10-14 23:02:29 and you will be able to rejoin the server.
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