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Hello Lolnet Users! Today I wanted to start something that could really benefit the community, and it's called "Spread the Love". This project is all about spreading niceness, equality, and just overall goodness to the server. So, with that being said, let me explain in further detail. I myself challenge all users out there to at least every once and a while, give something nice back to the community. It can be big or small, ranging from just complimenting someone, or greeting them and asking how their day has been, something to make another person smile, to starting your own project or event that represents kindness or equality (For example: Start a donation project for new users to give them a headstart, or establish a town made of rainbows, who knows, get creative!!) Everytime your act of kindness is seen by me or another staff member who is involved with this project, they will add your name to a large drawing (Your name can be put in there multiple times) and at the end of every month, there will be a name drawn, and that winner will receive:

-5,000 Lolcoins
-Your name added to the Wall of Kind Hearts (More info below)
-$50,000 Survival money
-An invitation to the upcoming premium area Happy City (More info below)
- More rewards to be determined.

**Also another way to earn an entry into the drawing is, if you see an argument going on, whether it be name-calling, or going back and forth, etc, try to stop it by sharing kind words, reminding those people that hate isn't going to get us anywhere, and we should forgive and forget.

**Keep in mind there is no set winner per month - If we don't agree with the user because of later events after the entry was made, there will be no winner or a different person shall be chosen.


Wall Of kind Hearts:
The Wall of kind hearts will be located in the survival spawn. It is in the form of a heart, and will have the head of each person and their name next to it.

Happy City!
Happy City is an upcoming *Premium* town, with roads made of rainbows and houses that are cupcakes. It will include many different things to do, and will have many resources available, however only invited and added members can enter the area!


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Can I help build Happy City? XD I would love to help!