Potion Shop


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Hi guys,
I'm making a potion shop in my house!
So if you want a potion, mail/msg me and ask for a certain potion such as: Swiftness, 8 Minutes and I will tell you the price of that potion and when I am online, you can collect it from me :)


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I have aswell located in smalllville prices are extremly low i think im getting ripped off :p
delivery will be made within 24hours (if not delivered i will take 50% off prices)

Prices for 1 CHESTFULL of pots

5Gold or 1Dime
Swiftness, Poison

8Gold or 2Dimes

12Gold or 5 dimes
Underwater breathing, Invis

20 Gold
Night vis, Instant health

Extinsion + 2 gold
Enhance + 2 gold
Splash + 2gold