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As the server has been reverted back to the last backup 2 days ago some people will have lost items we are compensating please post what you think you have lost and please be honest sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Lord_Mega


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lord mega told me to post here what i lost so here it is...

enchanted diamond sword(bane of athropods 1)
64 cactus
whole set of iron armour
extra 3 iron helms
diamond pickaxe
diamond shovel
gold shovel
and i also am missing 25 lvls of exp i got from my mob spawner :(

if u cant enchant the sword it doesnt matter :)

Compensation Provided by: 0zlw
i lost this path made of stone slabs that TOOK ME 4 HRS,32 diamond,full set of diamond armour+diam pick+diam shovel+diam pickaxe+4 signs+some other stuff but i forgot what they were


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i lost 4 stacks of 64 wood and 4 stacks of 64 cobblestone i lost my 10 diamonds that toby0897 gave to me i lost my half used diamond pick axe and my golden helmet and my $16k now i only have $210 and my juke box and cat record for it
i have an ideddic memory so i know thats what i lost and my watermellons and chests at my farm from the top of my claimed land area

Compensation Provided by: 0zlw


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My name is hammyboo i have lost..
6 stacks of 64 cactus
iron suit
iron pickaxe,sword and axe
64 wood
a bed
6 diamonds
a cat
23 purple wool 23 blue wool
6 black wool
2 doors
5 book-shelf blocks(dont know what they are called)
golden shovel :D

Compensation Provided By: 0zlw


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i lost 15k
29 diamond
diamond chestplate enchanted protection2
diamond leggings enchanted protection1
diamond pick
enchantment table
13 library blocks
wooden planks (6stacks)


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hey its SlayerX

During the roll back i lost the following
1 full Diamond set of armour
1 diamond sword (with level 16 enchant)
2 diamond pickaxes (one almost dead and the other with level 24 enchant),
1 diamond axe
1 diamond shovel
8 diamond blocks
about 56 iron bars
23 gold bars
2 and a half stack of raw wood
8 brewing stands
about 27 experience levels
and about 20k in cash

i would very much appreciate if i could get at least some of this back and thanks to all those owners and admin that are helping to correct the roll back :D :D

Compensation Provided By: 0zlw


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i lost:
66 diamonds
2000 cash
diamond pickaxe
diamond shovel
diamond axe
diamond sword
enchanting table
brewing stand
4 stacks of 64 normal wood
10 stacks of 64 cobble stone
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