Possible suggestions for Server?

Hi guys, I would just like to ask if the server could maybe add a cops and robbers mini game area, or a newbie tutorial area? If those 2 suggestions were possibly accepted, I wouldn't mind helping out or creating the area..



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My suggestion is, Stop goddamnit restarting the server! It's been restarted 10 times in the last 20 minutes!
oh ok thanks. Cause ive always wanted to create a tutorial area for beginners as most of the new players tend to not know what to do. And if the newbie area does get accepted(which probably wont happen) will a warp be put up at spawn?.


Hey Shadow
Yeah i like that idea (newbie area) Maybe you could build it and show it to Schnicks?
I would help when im on... If you need help :)

Thanks Shazzy :)
Sure ill be glad to build it. I'll probably start off with 25 cabins, with 2 mines, 2 tree farms, and 1 access to exp farm.

The only ill help need from you will probably the high parts needed for roofing :)