Possible additional plugins on the lol.net server


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It would be awesome if the server added the plugin(s):

- Jobs Plugin *balancing the economy in terms of rather than gathering resources and selling that loses profit*.

- Enchantments Plugins *Recommended by Afa79* I'm not sure this would be a good plugins to implement into the server since in warworlds it may corrupt or in some terms of overuse *

Any more ideas or plugins, be sure to post or reply comment of wat plugin would be nice for the server ;)
Thanks for your time, HoboPun79 *fellow lol.net player* :D


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Yep the Job Plugin would be great, and with the Enchantment Plugin, you should be able to have to buy the Enchantments for a price. eg. Sharpness V 15k.

Or, like BamBam stated the Enchantment plugin maybe should only be used by SilverVIP's+, Or maybe just Gold+.
Job's plugin would be great, but then what would be the use of Buymore?
Or Maybe you could use those two at the same time, and try to Balance out selling and doing jobs.

Please think about these plugins, especially Jobs! :D

Cheers :p


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If an enchanting plugin were to be used, it would be for player to player enchantment trading only. I'm not going to set standard prices for enchantments, which gets extremely messy. Further, you can already sell enchantments to other players by facilitating trading with them.

I don't see how you view the economy as unbalanced. Buymore is priced as such because it functions as an infinite store. It lets you gain access to any resources available if you are prepared to earn them. If you want to trade equally, then thats why you need to work on your own store and facilitating player to player trading.