Please reframe from building in the East gate Jungle


Hey guys

Now people who have been on lolnet for a couple of months know about me building Amazon city. For those people who don't know, I'm building a City in the East gate Jungle. The problem is, some people like urbanskills keeps building stuff around my builds without permission and ultimately, affecting my plans of Amazon city. So from now on, for those people who are looking forward to Amazon City, please try to avoid building in the east gate Jungle. I would really Appriciate it.


Ps: If you want to know what Amazon City will be like, look at my treehouse in the Jungle and that will be the main idea of the houses in the City.


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I think the word you want is refrain, not reframe.
My place is in the East Gate jungle as well, I don't know exactly where you are, but I just had a wander around, there is certainly less jungle about.

I'll be keeping my trees, and one day, I'll finish the big ones.

Happy Easter.


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Dan, if you need me to, when I get unbanned, I can take the the house that I made myself, not the bedhouse or anything, but the main house, since I was moving anyways. The house that is next to your pig farm. :)
Dont worry I know what to do! Which if u ask spicy he will say its pretty rare... :|
How about... A WALL? :lol:
See u could mark the area with a wall and no one can grief cause the rule is u can't grief even if it isn't claimed.
See I'm so :idea: