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Hi, so I was wondering...what should I have my budget as to build a PC...

Heres the stuff that I want in it:

- 6 monitors
- At least 100GB RAM
- A 5TB Harddrive
- 4 500GB Harddrive (for multiple operating systems [Windows XP and 7 and Linux and Windows 10 when it comes out])
- AMD Opteron 6338P Processor...or just something good...and fancy...cos I think that ones kinda expensive...XD
- Not sure about the GPU
- Able to run multiple CAD the same time...
- Able to run minecraft without any lag whatsoever :D ...preferably while running many CAD systems on the other monitors...
- Bluetooth...and Wireless (obviously)
- Be able to have a window of chrome open on every monitor...with maximum tabs...and not destroy itself...cos lol...

I think thats everything...

Thanks, Elisha_Day


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I think I could build this for you, If you deposit $1,000,00.99 into my account I will build this for you (Half of it is the time and effort I will put in, I will make it with love, Hell I will even through in another monitor for you!) please have this in my account within the next hour or you will be prosecuted! (No hard feelings though!)

- 6 monitors - $1,099
- 112GB RAM - $15,000
- A 5TB Harddrive - $1,500
- 4 500GB Harddrive - $1,000 (ADDED SSD FOR QUICKER LOAD TIME)
- Intel 4 Core i7-4790K over clocked at 4.4 GHz - $5,000
- Nvidia GTX 980 - $1000
- Bluetooth and Wireless cards - $10,000 (Hand-Made) (Pftt..It' not a scam or anything.) -GST +%15
Total $23, 749
-Charging for me to do it - $976,251.99
Grand total of $976,251.99
If you deny this agreement you will still have to pay half of it which totals too:
$488,126 (Rounded)

It's a pleasure doing business with you; If you need further discussion on this you can contact me in the following places:
In-Game or Forums: - Arns123456789
Steam - [LNet]Arns(Xtractz)
Mumble - Arns

Arns 123456789


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Thanks Arns, I look forward to this amazing computer... :D

If I had a million dollars (which I'm bound to have in my secret stash of money under the floor...too much there to count), you'd have it all in a charge a lot for your services...I'm expecting cupcakes with it or something.

Maybe some lower spec wireless and bluetooth cards though (like the kind I own in my crappy 7 year old[I think] HP Compaq nc6400 laptop)...

By the way...did I mention that everything has to be black...and purple neon light thingys beneath the keys on the amazingly thin keyboard...and one of those amazing mouses...with like a million buttons (the ones that cost like $200)...

Unfortunately, I can't accept the 7th free OCD wouldn't allow an uneven number of screens... :p

And I would gladly add $200,000 onto the bill for free electricity for this beauty...

I have one question though: Is this a pay everything up front plan...or a monthly subscription?...

Looking forward to doing business with you,

P:S: could you extend the time period before prosecution (probably including a death sentence...and sueing me...after stealing all my money of course) to at least a week. :D