Pixelmon Lolnet server.


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Lolnet is now running a Pixelmon server! We are running Pixelmon v2.5.7 and you can connect at pixelmon.lolnet.co.nz

~Dez and 0z

I personally think a Pixelmon server run by you guys would be Ay-may-zing!

Pixelmon is a mod that allows you to catch/train/battle Pokemon as you would in the actual game, except in Minecraft!

It only requires Minecraft Forge and a quick little installation, and you can go about playing on a Vanilla server as per usual if you wish. :)

It's pretty sweet, so check it out!


LOL assassin!

Last I checked pixlemon was full of bugs.
I personally don't think it would be worth the effort.

though pixlemon looks like so much fun!


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As a gamer: OMG!!! That's a pre cool as idea, looks pre cool and would love to do it so much
Server side: No. It is just full of ways to rob players and it would cause SO much lag for the server, and plus, it would be way to difficult on explaining to every new member that joins on how that works..... It just doesn't seem worth the effort

Overall: Unfortunatley no, the positives are not worth the negatives of it. As much as i would like for this idea to come into play, there would be just too much lag and confusion.... :/


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we now have a Pixelmon server



running 2.5.7
I tried the server out, by the way pixelmon 3.0.2 works on it. It's a pretty good pixelmon server, not much lag, good spawning rates. I would suggest upgrading the shop at spawn as it does not sell pokeballs, which most beginners will need. I luckily got enough resources to make my own but it took a long time, but now I can make as many as I need, and different varieties of pokeballs (fav is dusk balls xD). Thanks to dezil for setting up pixelmon for lolnet, why don't you guys give it a go?
yeah, that's the part which needs improving...
I'm usually the only one on :(

Hopefully more people will show up soon though