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I have notice personal information being given out without thought

People there are predators out there people and they feed on this shite.

My job is in security. I have work in the industry over 8 years and i have seen a lot of things and done a lot. one of those was profiling for surveillance.

it doesn't matter what info you give out even if it is meaningless to you. it builds a bigger picture. today, I saw people giving out their ages, towns and schools. would you believe I could find you just with that little bit of information and your user name. it is not that complicated.

please don't ask me to by the way....

my point.. DO NOT give anything any info about yourself where you live or Facebook accounts ( I love these for intell) twitter. they make it easy for predators to find you.

they may say they are 12 years old. but in reality they are 40 and have an alternative motive.



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THIS is why we as staff don't like people giving out personal information.

We cannot stop you giving out personal information about yourself, no matter how strongly we encourage you not to, that is your decision. But as soon as you start giving out information about other users, we step in.

He has a point, there are people out there who trawl the internet, picking up bits and pieces of information about people. Hell, even with a simple username, i could probably find out exactly who you are, its not that hard. (Trust me, we tested it using people we talk o on mumble)

The lolnet staff do not wish users to share personal information, definately not in public chat. It is a decision which as a user, you have to make yourself.