Party chats? Chat rooms?


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Hello, I would like to present an idea to the Creation Reborn network.

I am often finding myself talking to lots of people in private conversations using /msg /r, but quite frequently I wish that I could talk to more than 1 person at a time, without using the global chat, because to use this. Well, I talk a lot, we'd fill that chat up very fast, and no one would ever forget my name :p.

It would be a nice feature, if we could create chat parties, where 2+ people can join a chatroom, and talk to a group of people. There could be 3 people on survival working nearby, helping each other out, and instead of spamming global chat with their questions, thoughts, and plans, a party of people chatting away together would be nice.
You might think that we could just talk on Discord, but this does not suit us all.
I wonder if the JEI? Teams menu has some kind of chat system we could use?
Or maybe there is a plugin that allows for these kind of chats?

I'd be happy to help with the implementation of this suggestion, testing, sourcing a plugin, etc etc.
I'm sure there would be multiple people on the network who'd agree with me that this idea is quite brilliant.

Thanks for taking into consideration my suggestion.


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this is something i have wanted to add for several years but the chat system that is currently used is complicated and support for something like this will require a full rewrite, I am not currently aware of any chat plugins that add this ability and tick all the other boxes that the chat requires

saying that its no longer up to me and the team may push forward with something


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Again something I have wanted, but as dez said at this point just isn't possible, a full rewrite of the chat system IS on the cards however, but there's alot more that needs to be done backend wise to facilitate this.