Party chats? Chat rooms?


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Hello, I would like to present an idea to the Creation Reborn network.

I am often finding myself talking to lots of people in private conversations using /msg /r, but quite frequently I wish that I could talk to more than 1 person at a time, without using the global chat, because to use this. Well, I talk a lot, we'd fill that chat up very fast, and no one would ever forget my name :p.

It would be a nice feature, if we could create chat parties, where 2+ people can join a chatroom, and talk to a group of people. There could be 3 people on survival working nearby, helping each other out, and instead of spamming global chat with their questions, thoughts, and plans, a party of people chatting away together would be nice.
You might think that we could just talk on Discord, but this does not suit us all.
I wonder if the JEI? Teams menu has some kind of chat system we could use?
Or maybe there is a plugin that allows for these kind of chats?

I'd be happy to help with the implementation of this suggestion, testing, sourcing a plugin, etc etc.
I'm sure there would be multiple people on the network who'd agree with me that this idea is quite brilliant.

Thanks for taking into consideration my suggestion.