#$! Parkour !$#


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Hey Lol net just wondering what players would like to enter in a parkour event, where each play (you may go in teams if you want ) would go off and Build There own parkour events.

The event will be judged By me, and the admins if there willing.
Entry into the event is only $1,000 (per player)
The Grand Prize winner will will $10,000 (or between $10,000 To 50,000 depending on the amount of players entering
once and if the event starts, all competing players will have the maximum of one week building time and then judging will commence.
There will be no rules to this event, only you are not allowed to mess with any other players Building, NO CHEATING of course, and have fun.
Also any media players are all welcome to film the event.

The event has not yet been confirmed but if we can get enough players willing to participate this will be an amazing event.

If You are willing to join in the fun just comment Yes and leave your name below and if we do get enough players i will notify all looking at participating and the event will kick off.

Thanks deeboy97