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its SebGoesHutning Can u please unbann me ive been cought greifing before but i promise i want do it again and i promise i wont lie <3 plz unbann me


Sup all its Winter_24

Neh its a bad idea since you demolished my friends house and took some valuable stuff that you just have 1 hour to look at. You also destroyed my pumpkin farm and redstone supplies that i've used. I get pissed of by you and i dont give a damn on you being unban for saying lies to me ([LolnetWorld] [User] SebGoesHunting: I will never grief again so sorry lets be friends again) for you information you and zbannana are griefers. Change your attitude and you will be unban because you still do all those griefing and lying so think. 0zlw has a really great reason to ban you because he has been kind by giving you warning other then banning you, but you decided "Ill get rich when i grief" obviously that wont help so think about it thanks

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