Not really a ban, but...

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Ok. So.

I told Slayer to look in my inventory, as I had all of my diamonds in it, and wanted him to see...

Apparently I had "1190' or something diamonds in my inventory all up. 123 diamond blocks, and the rest ores.

Slayer stuck me in jail for the 60 minute thing because I hadn't reported that I had gotten them from a VIP. He also took all of my diamonds, including those of which I legitimately got. Doing his job, but seems a bit unfair in my opinion.

Yeah, have your rant or w/e at me, I don't really care.

I never actually cheated as such.



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zell take this as a life lesson in real life if you accept stolen goods you get them taken of you and you go to jail maybe we can all learn something from computer games.....

cheers Dez
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