New town opened workers wanted


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Junglle town is a town focused on mainly cutting jungle wood.
Days ago dense jungle sat where the building of the town lie today.
3 cutters getting paid heaps .
The wood is shiped out by the forest rails and sold at buymore.
The community is dished out the money.
Accommodation is provided for workers and for tempory accomadation..
Theres a hotel 60 a day with anice cafe on top.
Access from shushi village warp station


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Reply on the forums if you want me to emply you you get paid more for the wood than at buymore so your not wasting your time.reply with

For example

2000spiky work

I would like to start work on the 12 jan 2012
I have never greifed and try to avoid jail etc etc
Thanks 2000spiky

Bye the way people. With bans behind them will not get access to staff chests


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buymore is currently shut, so how to sell the wood?

I would take on your job, because I want some jungle wood - planning of building a kauri like tree - need lots of wood.


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by the way, to the person refurbishing buymore - when will it be reopen, (this farmer has produce to sell)


I think i will call in when i start an iron golem farm spiky cause if i start one, i can provide all the nessersary tools for the town and i need a ton of Jungle wood as well. I want to make a giant 2000 year old jungle tree in the centre of Amazon City as the warp station, Level Elevator and City lobby. i think that would look awesome and attract lots of lolnetians.


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Went to have a look tonight, but the personal warp went to the warp station and couldn't get to shushi village.
I hope that is just a problem for tonight.
When it works again - from shushi village, how do I find Jungle Town?
(what are the co-ordinates?)