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Hey Guys! CptBley Here with a post begging for ideas!

You see, there are lots of things as developers that we can do to enhance your gameplay experience, but WHAT!? Thats the biggest question we face!

So if you could kindly help out by posting anything, anything at all below that would be Awesome! You could post one that you type a command and get boosted into a lava pit 300,000 blocks away!

Post Post Post People!


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Just to make this clear, I am working on a Weather plugin that changes the weather based on the weather forecast for a place in the world. I.E; North Korea = Thunder, Lightning, Unhappiness etc.


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Still looking for ideas? If so, i have an idea for a dynamic economy plugin that could go on the FTB servers to add an economy. I know there are ways to make infinite amounts of items in a way. My proposal to get around that is making a plugin to keep track of supply/demand. The more of one item that people sell, the less it sells for.