New parts for my PC!


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Hey it's Tyran,
Thought I'd just share my detailed experience about mucking around with my PC. :D

So, I bought a custom made gaming PC a while ago. (Check out my other thread on it if you haven't already)
I originally planned to get more ram for it after I waited a bit before spending more money on it.
So now I've waited long enough to buy a few little upgrades for it.
Thing is, I knew there was no way that my parents would let me spend more money on my - machine that forbids my social interaction with them - so I had to secretly buy the parts without telling them!
Thank god for internet banking! ;)

But still, it was being shipped down to Welly from Auckland. I couldn't let them be at home when the courier arrived.
My family is at work in town everyday from the afternoon onward so I hoped my package would come while we were out so they'd just leave it in the mailbox.
I spent each day worrying about whether the doorbell would ring in the mornings and my parents answering to find a package they didn't recognise only to send it back to where it came.
But on a Saturday, I opened my curtains of my bedroom window to look outside and see... My package! Poking out of the mailbox, with my mum only a few meters away tidying up the garden!
I strolled outside and smuggled it past my mum back into the house and hid it in the dining room because my dad was blocking the hallway. :lol:
And that's my struggle of buying things online. :?

So once I got the house to myself I decided to tear apart my PC to put my new goodies inside;
Taking note that I didn't have a shock strap, I moved to the kitchen before doing anything inside it, just incase. ;)
I had never actually taken anything off or put anything in my PC before because I got it built for me so once again, the struggle was real.
I decided to start by installing my new purple fan, I planned on taking out my blue top slot fan and replacing it with the purple one. And putting the blue one in the front fan slot to separate the purple and blue colours.
They were like this before:

So I took off the side panel and looked up at the two fans for screws. I found them, only problem was they were screwed in from the top downwards. :|
So I had to figure out how to take the top panel off my case. I tugged in every direction possible but it wouldn't budge. I was so paranoid of it just snapping off!
Then I found out that I had to take off the front panel BEFORE I took off the top panel.
I spent ages trying to pry it off gently and eventually with more effort, it popped right off with a loud sound. I thought I broke something!
The top panel came off with the same result.
After taking out the screws I found that the fan's cable lead through to the area behind the right side panel.
I took off the right side panel and this is what I saw:

I felt like crying knowing that I had to find the correct cable to unplug. :cry:
So I spent ages feeling the one cable and following it till I ran into a bloody cable tie.
I didn't want to cut it because it would release multiple cables and that would just be disgraceful. But in the end I had no other way to get the fan cable out, so I snipped it off with scissors.
I unplugged the blue fan and removed it and its cable clear from my PC.
First job done and it had taken about 3 hours! :shock:
I realised while taking out the fan that it was installed as an intake... same goes for the one next to it.
So basically a lot of hot air that was supposed to be exiting my PC from the top wasn't going anywhere.
I can blame my PC builders for that one. :?
I installed the purple fan in empty fan slot at the top as an exhaust fan and flipped the fan next to it over as well.
Exhaust sorted:

Next I decided to install the blue fan in the spare front slot as an intake.
I found that I could only install either two 120mm fans, or one 140mm in the front, my blue fan is a 140mm. :(
So I decided I would take off the existing 120mm plain fan and put it elsewhere.
Same problem. I lead round into the jungle of cables and sure enough, it went through 3 cable ties. :cry:
I cut them all and removed the fan and its cable.
I chucked in the blue fan in the front and connected its cable, making sure it was set to intake, then to decide where to put the plain 120mm.
I debated with EMPEthan about whether to put it on the bottom of my case as an intake, Ethan was saying that it would bring in dust a lot of dust so I puzzled over where else to put it.
But then I realised, it wouldn't bring in much dust or even any because my PC is on a table whereas he thought it was on the carpet. :lol:
So I went through with installing it in the bottom fan slot as an intake:

I double checked all my fans to make sure they were all correctly positioned as intakes or outtakes and sure enough, no more problems.
So that left me with the last thing I had to do, install my ram! :D
So beautiful! :

Here was when I started literally feeling my stove fan every 2 minutes to ground myself because I'm a paranoid freak. :shock:
I found the little flaps to the ram inputs and lifted them before sticking the ram in, but they wouldn't click into place.
I was trying to push them in gently as possible because I was scared of them breaking but they wouldn't go in.
Eventually I started to apply more pressure and sure enough, they clicked into place and the flaps closed on top of them. :)
I did the same with the second stick and it worked like a charm.
Alternating coloured ram:

That was all I had to do so I placed all the panels back on.
After moving my PC back to my study I turned it on and sure enough, the fans lit up and spun! :D
My ultimately purple setup (apart from the blue fan at the front:

I checked my installed ram and the 8gb had changed to 16gb. :D
No faults so far with my first upgrade. I learnt a lot about airflow through this experience even though it wasn't much.
Thanks for reading this super long post!
Last thing!
If anyone can recommend a good quality and aesthetically pleasing set of speakers, a nice subwoofer or any places that sell the Samsung S27D390 monitor please let me know by replying to this thread. Thank youuuuuuuu!


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Congratulations on your new custom built computer.

Budget on your speakers?


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not sure about prices in NZ, but a 2.1 logitech speaker setup is only $59 here, or you could go with 5.1 surround sound for $129 if you have the plug sockets on your tower.


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Why do all these people build computers... I can build a tablet!

In my dreams.


Custom built computer would be fun to do :p But the parts..... mum won't let me :/ So....

TO THE FUTURE!! (Where I have a job lol)