New Lolnet Minecraft Server Rules

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We recently held a review of our rules that have been available on the forums for you to discuss. These rules are now being implemented on the server effective immediately. Note, while we are trialing these, they may still change.


Lolnet Minecraft Server Rules


All Worlds:

1. Respect other users
2. No exploitation of cheats/hacks/mods/glitches/loopholes
3. No spamming or advertising of other servers
4. No accessing the accounts of other users
5. Do not share your password with other users
6. By choosing to use our server, you accept our rules

Lolnet World (Main Survival World):
1. No griefing or stealing
2. No PVP
3. No Economy Abuse
4. No accepting favours/blocks/money from Donators
5. Shops may not provide misleading information

Lolnet WarWorld (PVP World):
1. Griefing and stealing is allowed
2. Factions need to have a GoldDonator+ as a member
3. All factions must register on the forums
4. Additional accounts may not be used to artificially boost your faction's power


Full Details

All Worlds

Aim: The Lolnet server has been created as a place which you can enjoy and have fun in. These rules are designed to make Lolnet an enjoyable and fair place for all.

1. Respect Other Users
- No abusing or bullying other users (Includes Private Messaging, Mailing users ingame, Using signs, Using books or on the forums) - Does not have to be direct, indirect but obviously implied attacks will still count
- Co-Operate with all requests from Lolnet Staff (Except in circumstances where you believe that you have a right to not disclose)
- No lying to or deceiving Lolnet Staff
- No Spamming commands, other users, or private messaging (Including as: Making unnecessary requests or saying/doing the same thing repeatedly.

2. No exploitation of hacks/cheats/mods/glitches/loopholes
-No use of any tool besides the Minecraft Client that gives you an unfair advantage
-No X-ray, Nodus or any other client
-No mods like mini-maps
-No abusing bugs or glitches (Please report them)

3. No Spamming or Advertising Other Servers
-Repeated sending of messages in chat or private messages
-Advertising of other servers is only permitted via prior agreement (Unsolicited advertising via PM's are not allowed)

4. No accessing the accounts of other users
-Any attempt to login to accounts other than you own is not permitted
-Any attempt to access staff accounts will be regarded as a serious breach of rules

5. Do not share your password with other users
-If offenses take place on your account, you will be held responsible for them
-Your account can only be hacked if someone guesses or knows your passes. It is your responsibility to ensure your password and account is secure.
-If your account is hacked and rules are breached, your account may still be punished for the crimes.

6. By choosing to use our server you accept our rules
-If you disagree with our rules, don't play on our server, otherwise you still have to abide by them.
-Not reading or knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaching them.

Lolnet World

1. No Griefing or Stealing
-You are not allowed to destroy other people's property (Even if it is not properly secured)
-You are not allowed to take from the chests/furnaces/dispensers of others
-You may not take from the crops of others

2. No PVP
-PVP is disabeld in the primary Lolnet World
-No Potions for PVP
-No setting other people on fire
-Traps are allowed, Only if a sign states the
re are traps

3. No Economy Abuse
- You can not profit solely by exploiting loopholes in the pricing system. This mean you can't buy stuff from the supermarket, craft/smelt/break it and/or sell it back to the Supermarket and generate the profit.

4. No accepting favours from Donators (Gained in Creative or Other Privileges)
-You are not allowed to receive items from Donators (Gained in Creative)
-Donators may not create warps for you or build a house for you (Unless it's a shared property) or use any of their other privileges for you.
-If you think it's suspicious, don't accept it or ask a Staff member whether it is allowed

5. Shops must provide honest information, and no form of advertising, information, advice or otherwise may mislead
-This is to protect users from buying things because of false information
-If a sign used an item code, another sign must clearly label what the item is


1. Griefing and Stealing are allowed
-The only way to prevent this is on claimed faction land
-Note lying or deceiving other users in faction matters is allowed

2. Factions need a Gold Donator+ as a member to remain valid
-Factions are only allowed to be created by a GoldDonator+
-GoldDonator+ can't make factions for other not GoldDonator+ users.

3. All Factions must be Registered on the Forums
-A member of the clan (Usually Leader) must post on the forums a registration of their clan, including the members of their faction which fulfill the GoldDonator+ Requirements

4. Additional accounts can not be used for artificially boosting your faction's power
-They can be used to spy on other factions

End Notes:

1. Lolnet and its staff reserve the right to make changes to these rules at any time, without prior notice. Any changes however will be publicly notified.

2. Lolnet and its staff reserve the right to take any necessary action against users who commit actions that are not in the interest of the server, including those not explicitly outlawed.
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