New Game Admins and Moderators please read

Hi (yes I use a different intro every post :D)
I think we should have a special minigame that my friend thought of.
The aim of the game is to conquer the other players empire.
You start off with two or four teams, with at least 7 or so players per team.
Then you can assign a general, king whatever and he orders you around like sending you out to scout the area. You have to defeat every player on the opponents team and destroy their castle (Most of the castle has to be destroyed, the staff who are incharge of it judge) to win. You can only break the castle blocks (Staff you can assign an area like 32x32 area to build castle, the rest of the area you can make it so they can't break anything and at the end, you can rollback the area so the castle is gone)
And if you die, you're out! The winning team will receive $1,000 each!
I want this to be an offical minigame (Like hungergames) and want it to be added to the warp area so please support me! Thanks
P.S. Staff please reply if you want to make this game and when I'm online, we'll make the game for everyone to enjoy!