Neptune Trade Center Release

Hey All,

This Wednesday at 5:00pm we will be releasing Neptune's Trade Centre. The Trade Centre will allow users to sell and buy items within spawn area, giving them more opportunity to expand their shops.

The premium(premium booths can be identified on the day via signs) booths will be sold via an auction, which will start from 2500 LolCoins.

For further questions, feel free to modreq in game using /modreq.




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xXTommy_GunzXx said:
do previous owners of premium pluto booths get a free booth in the neptune trade center?
Now why would we do that when you still have a perfectly good booth in pluto? Should have read your lease better.


lol.... with pluto all but shut down... there is next to no traffic through there... and considering the amount of money we all spent for our premium booths, it would be a nice gesture to make a free booth available to those people in neptunes trade center,
Unfortunately we do not have anything in plan for previous Booth owners, as the booths were bought on lease till the world was active and as stated during the auction day. However as a nice gesture if a user has a warp to their Pluto Booth, we will happily move it to Neptune, if they buy a booth, for free.

Thank you for input :)