Neptune Anniversary Weekend

Neptune Anniversary Weekend

Ladies & Gentlemen,

On the weekend of 6th & 7th December, we will be hosting multiple events, and having endless giveaways to celebrate 1 year of Survival's Neptune world. Along side that, we will also be closing our BuyMore in Pluto, and promoting some of our staff members, to close off this weekend celebration.

Whats Planned:

Starting At Saturday 3:00pm On 6th December

Hungergames Championships!!
How It Works: Join an arena and battle it out to get into the finals!
I (Arns) will disable each arena 5 - 10 mins before we use the arena. i.e. Arena 1 will be disabled at 2:50. n.b. You can still que up for the arena by right clicking the sign and when I enable it you will be automatically teleported there.

Who Can Enter: Everyone

Host: Arns123456789
Venue: Hungergames Server

Starting at Saturday 5:00pm On 6th December

Diamond Treasure Hunt
How it Works: Look around Survival Spawn to find hidden signs that say 'Diamond', each sign you find will give you 1 diamond.If you find a sign that says 'Diamond' message a Mod who is on at the time and tell them you have found a diamond sign. Please only message a Mod once, as it can get a bit chaotic. There will also be a hidden sign which says 'Beacon' this will allow you to hire a Beacon for your use for a month or so. The signs are hidden in and/or around buildings throughout spawn. Happy Hunting!

Who Can Enter: Anyone!

Host: KingMarsden
Venue: Survival Spawn

Starting at 7:00pm on December 6th

Lolnet Carnival
How it works: Opening will start at 7pm with spot prizes. Events will commence at 7:15pm. I will run through each event coming out with 1st 2nd and 3rd places for each event. Prizes vary. Some games may be automated and some may be manual. After the event users may use automated games with permission. Players must come with iron ingots as tickets and only iron ingots. Players will be monitored and any exploiting of the games must be reported.

Host: Whosurdaddylol
Venue: Lolnet carnival (Warp will be at spawn)

Starting at 4:00 pm On 7th December

How it works:Users may bring their own shovels or i can provide, each player would be spawned on the spleef platform and they will have 3 rounds but for 3 of them it will be 4. Each round would have 3 winners and each winner would be heading to the finals where they would be having a 1v1v1, where we would find out who the spleef champ is.The Objective of the game is to dig the snow blocks under each player they see and try to make them fall into the lava and be the last standing.

Who can enter: Everyone

Host: _Unknown101
Venue: Spleef arena

Starting at Sunday 5:00pm On 7th December

BuyMore Closure
How it Works: We will officially be closing our Buymore by...letting our users raid it! Thats right, all users will be given the chance to raid anything they like from Buymore. Our Buymore has now fully switched to "The Market" in neptune, which can be found by using /shop command.

Who Can Enter: Anyone!

Host: TheChosenOne_NZ
Venue: Survival Spawn

Starting at Sunday 6:00pm On 7th December

Announcements & Staff Promotions
How it Works: In this event we will be announcing important Lolnet Network notices, followed by promotion of some of our staff members. There will also be 1 lucky draw for a Rainbow Armour Hat.

Host: TheChosenOne_NZ
Venue: TBC


For any further queries feel free to contact TheChosenOne_NZ via forums mail.

UPDATE: Insurgency Steam Game Added To Spot Prize List

Reminder All Times Are Local To New Zealand.
Hope to see you all there!


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Hunger games is now operational! If I were you I would go and practice!! :D
Gahh! So bummed out that I missed all of this! Damn you life and moving and gah!
Oh well, hope everybody had fun! :D

Congrats to the people promod! <3