My Youtube ! >:D


Hey guys ! I've just recently started my youtube channel back up again, And im a lot more organised this time, Upload schedule, Planned dates for special reccordings and stuff like that, Please help me out by "Subscribing" it will REALLY help me ALOT!

Please do so, If you enjoy my content, Please Leave a Like, It is much appreciated.

Please rerember I've bassicly just started, So I don't have a very good microphone, I've just bought a new microphone, And it will be up and running in the next Video.

Thanks sooo much >:) :applegold: ... buDyVlZFqw


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I might Subscribe Later but I do have one thing to state, your Microphone levels are really quite and it makes you hard to hear.

Granted not everyone can have a deep booming voice like me, but its something to note for later on.