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As promised a list of all commands if there is anything i missed let me know and ill add it in


MyTown base command. Aliases are: /mytown and /town

/t help [assistant|mayor|nation]
Shows MyTown commands. If using the argument, then shows the commands for that specific group.

/t map [on|off]
Shows the MyTown status of your surrounding chunks. If using the argument then on turns on an automatic map display every time you cross a chunk border. Off turns this feature off.
The middle character is is displayed a bit lighter, this defines your current location.
All plots owner by you (using the command /t assignplot <name> from the assistant group) are displayed in yellow. All other plots your town owns are displayed in green. Plots owned by other towns are displayed in red. And plots not claimed by any town are in white.
Plots marked with a cross (X) are plots assigned to someone in your town. Plots marked with an O are claimed land. Non-claimed land is marked with a underscore (_).

/t list
Lists all the towns in game, ordered by the number of residents in the town from highest to lowest.

/t info <name>
Shows information about a town. While being in a town just /t is the short version of /t info <yourtown>
--------[[ DEZcorp ]]--------
Town blocks: 20/100 Nation: DEZinc
Mayor: dezil_nz
Assistants: Titan_of_time
Residents: 0zlw, deeboy97, sleven89

First line - Town name, in green means your town, red means someone elses.
Second line - how many plots the town has claimed and how many it can in total; nation it belongs to.
Third line - Town residents of the status Mayor.
Fourth line - Town residents of the status Assistant.
Fifth line - Normal town residents.

/t res [name]
Shows information about you or the player you specify by their username.
--------[[ dezil_nz* ]]--------
Location: DEZcorp @ dim 0 (71,66,-7)
Member from: 2013-18-01 17:43:48
Last online: online
Member of: DEZcorp, mayor
Friends: 0zlw, deeboy97, Titan_of_Time

First line - users current location
Second line - the user prefix, name, suffix you were querying for. The asterix means that hes online.
Third line - Date and time of first login to the server (or when mytown was installed).
Fourth line - Date and time when last online, or "online" when he's on right now.
Fifth line - Town name which hes part of, or 'none'; The rank in that town.
Sixth line - Who are his friends. Only shown if he has defined any friends.

/t friend add|remove <name>
Adds or removes players from your friends list.
This list is used in conjunction with the town permissions "friend", where you can define different permissions for your friends on your plots (/t perm res or /t perm plot), or define the default for all your residents by using /t perm town. Friends permissions are used ONLY when the plot owner is set using /t assignplot.

/t spawn [name]
Teleport yourself to your town spawn or some other town spawn by specifying the town name. The town spawn has to be set beforehand using the assistant group command /t setspawn.

/t new <name>
Creates a new town by the name specified in <name>. The user must not be a member of any town and the town name cannot be used by any currently existing town. The user current location is used to claim the first town block. For any town block claiming restrictions refer to the /t claim command under town assistants.

/t accept
Accepts a incoming town invite. The user must not be a member of any town and has to have a pending town invite. Refer to the /t invite <name> command under town assistants for further reference.

/t deny
Rejects a incoming town invite. Using this command removes the pending town invite and allows for other towns to invite you. The user must not be a member of any town and has to have a pending town invite. Refer to the /t invite <name> command under town assistants for further reference.

Town residents
/t leave
Leave the current town. This command cannot be used by town mayor, refer to /t delete to remove your town.

/t online
Lists the online players from your town in the chat.

/t perm plot|res|town
Shows the current plot, your plots or your town permissions.

/t perm plot|res|town set <key> <value>
Sets the permission of <key> to the defined <value> for the "node" (your current plot, all your plots [called resident] or your town). All the possible permissions and their keys can be listed using /t perm plot|res|town. All the permission, keys are the same for all nodes

/t perm plot|res|town force [key]
Forces the node child nodes to set their values (for the defined key) to inherit. While on inherit your current node values will used in the child nodes.

Town assistants
/t claim [rect <n>]
Claims land for your town.
Specifying the argument claims blocks with in a square with the radius from middle you specify.
Land is claimed until an error happens or all expected blocks are claimed. Errors may include: Land already claimed, Too close to another town, no free blocks.
The claimed chunk has to be at least a specified amount of chunks away from a town which isn't yours and is not in your nation. This amount is currently 5.

/t unclaim [rect <n>]
Works similar to claim, just the reverse.
Unclaimed land will lose all its custom permissions, owners and so on and is not reversible. Once unclaimed, anyone can claim the land again by the rules above. If the town available plots had changed so that the town owned more land that it can, no extra blocks can be claimed until some more are freed up.

/t invite <name>
Sends a town invitation to a player who is not part of a town. The player can accept or deny the request. If it's accepted, everyone in town will be notified of the player joining. If its rejected, no info will be given.
Refer to non-resident group commands /t accept and /t deny for further reference.

/t kick <name>
Removes the player from town. If you are an assistant you can only kick players. If you are the mayor you can kick everyone but yourself. If you, the mayor, don't want to be in this town anymore, set a new mayor using /t mayor <name> and then /t leave or delete the town using /t delete.

/t setspawn
Sets the town spawn. Refer to Everyone group command /t spawn [name] for further reference on how to teleport. The town spawn can be anywhere on any town block that's owned by your town.
Your current excact position and even look is saved, so watch where your watching.

/t assignplot <name>
Assigns the plot you are standing/flying on to the specified player. Currently there is no command to clear the owner of a plot, you can unclaim and reclaim the plot for that.

After the plot is assigned the owner of the plot can do anything on it and the perm node "friend" gets active if the owner has defined any friends. Town assistants and mayors can still build on the plot and cannot be expelled by any permission.

Town mayor
/t assistant add|remove <name>
Sets a town member rank to assistant or to resident. Assistant can also build on all town plots like the mayor by default and cannot be expelled from plots by using the "town" permission node.
Assistants cannot delete expell the mayor or delete the town or use any other mayor-only command.

/t mayor <name>
Sets a new mayor for the town. You are given the assistant rank.

/t rename <name>
Renames the town. The new town name cannot be already in use.

/t delete
Deletes the town. There is NO going back!

Nation commands

/t nation info [name]
Shows information about a nation.

/t nation list
Lists all the nations in the server.

Town mayor, not in nation
/t nation new <name>
Creates a new nation. The name can be the same as a town name but cannot be used by another nation.

/t accept
Yes it's the same command as joining a town. Accepts a pending nation invitation.

/t deny
And also same as town. Rejects a pending nation invitation.

Town mayor, capitol of a nation
/t nation invite <name>
Sends an invitation to a town not in nation already. The message is shown to the mayor. If the mayor is not online, the invitation will fail. If the mayor logs off after a invitation message, the invitation will still be pending. The invitation will be canceled if the town is deleted, the invitation is accepted, rejected or the server is restarted.

/t nation kick <name>
Kicks the named town out of the nation. Cannot kick you own town.

/t nation transfer <name>
Sets a new capitol to the nation. Your town will be given the normal member status.

/t nation delete
Deletes a nation.

Town mayor, normal member of nation
/t nation leave
Leave your nation. Cannot be
hey dez you need to add a section for those who don't know about town perms like

base command to view your towns perms is /t perm town/plot
putting town means that you can view the perms over the whole town
putting plot shows you the perms that, that specific plot has, (using [town] does not overwrite the specific plot perms

to change the perm is /t perm town set [p] true/false/p2
perms [p] description
out - turning off stops outsiders accessing your claims
friend - the ability to lets those your friend enter, build or not enter at all your town/plots
nation - members of the nation you are in
town - the members of your town
carts -
steverailer -
ccturtles -
closeclaim - the ability so if you and your friend both have a town you can claim within the 10?!? claims of another town
killmobs - allows anyone to kill mobs
tntoff - stops explosions in your town i.e tnt
creepoff - disables creeper explosion
mobsoff - stops mobs spawning in your town claim
yon -

for town, friend, nation, outsider there are an extra command you may add to the end
these are
build - allows the people of that group to access chests, build in plots and break blocks
enter - allows people of that group to enter your claims
off - allows people of that group the ability to do nothing


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Cant forget the new mytown chat channels that you can enter into by typing

/tc public (allows you to speak where everyone can hear you)

/tc town (makes it to where everyone in your town can hear you)

/tc nation (makes it to where everyone in your nation can hear you)

These channels are toggles so you enter into the channel by typing the channel you want to enter then you just enter your message.


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this is what we run on our modded servers