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1, Remove the fact you can use the cracked Minecraft.

This will help the fact of the excuse "my account was hacked" and logging in with

another account even if they person has been perm ban or just temp ban.

also if they can afford to donate with a fake MC account i'm sure they can purchase a

real mincraft account.

2, people in creative can abuse the new "buy more" with its new economy plugin ( i think )

why not remove the plugin and bring in the old supermarket made by shiby_nz

the removal of another plugin will result into maybe less lag and why do we need to

worry about economy when we are in a game?

maybe we will learn stocks and gain money...

but i'd rather mine my diamonds and sell them...

3, make laws. not rules.
for eg. griefing you must pay for all damage done. repair it on your own expense. another have demerit points for language
then muted for an hour if language continues 24 hrs then so on... also hacking clients should result in any way that is as harsh as the hack
eg. xray-a mass fine

unfair abilities-jail

language-refer to previous sentence

griefing-refer to previous sentance

account attempt hack-ban of ip for a week

account hack-ban,fine,jail,suspension-worse if a stuff

don't give a straight away jail - let them have a hearing out even if they are warned, there are two sides to a story

if they are in the wrong tell them they are and tell them what they did then tell them there punishment instead of

warping them to the jail when maybe they aren't. it's nicer to know than a random instant warp to jail or kick or ban

these things are just IDEAS so leave the hate or like on what you think.
maybe some change is nice or leave it as it is.
comments will help the stuff if they see this


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Thankyou rampilow for your post I will try and answer all your concerns based on my opinion, else i'll just keep to the facts

2.(this is easier to answer first :D) with buymore. Buymore is not the problem with people selling stuff from creative, the problem is the players doing it. (and a plugin bug, which i believe has been fixed) with the new economy plugin we are using for buymore it allows us to detect people abusing the economy. With the old system/supermarket more people were getting away with it.
In terms of lag; I don't think this plugin uses much CPU so I don't think it should be causing the lag, but we do take care on the plugins and Thanks to Cptwin hard work and programming skills, just recently we have replaced a plugin that was causing the lag.

1. I don't like using the word "cracked" we are simply an offline-mode server (online-mode=false) this means that we require to use a plugin to password protect every user that plays on the server. This I don't will change as a good percentage of players don't own a paid Minecraft account.

3. sound good in theory having laws and making them pay for the damage but enforcing it might be the hard part. in most cases we have to replaces/rollback the damage and the player that broke the rule does not benefit in anyway (that's the aim).
We will give people warning at times (minor stuff) and we will try to explain to them why it is not allowed on the server. For example swearing is not allowed on this server as (in my opinion) the is a large range of age groups that play on this server from around 7+ and most people enjoy playing on this server without the swearing.

We aim to give a enjoyable but fair gameplay and environment in lolnet minecraft server and all punishment are dealt case by case using our judgment and past experience.

I hope I have answered all of your concerns and question.

Thankyou for posting and feel free to continue posting on this topic



Please dont make it online. I want my friends on lolnet! Im bored and tortured by some people from lolnet. I need my friends to help since most of the staff are busy or doesn't want to help me.

Oh yea another problem when its online mode. I think most of the staff on the server doesnt have a premium account so we need to do something about that. My account is premium but doesnt make me buy more accounts. I bought enough accounts. Summer_24 also forgot his premium account password -_-" i bought for him



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Winter don't worry it is very unlikely this will happen, there has been no plans to change it.

james137137 said:
...This I don't will change as a good percentage of players don't own a paid Minecraft account....