My Sincere Apologies


New Member
Hello people of the lolnet server. I want to take a moment to apologize for the mistake I have made.

Recently, I had made the wrong and inconsiderate decision to grief another User. Then I made another mistake of lying to lolnet staff. Then I made a third mistake of claiming another user's home.

Those of you who were affected from my wrong decisions, I am sorry. I now understand what I have done was wrong and I plan to come back to the server more mature. I will not make the wrong decisions anymore. This plan also involves leaving a friend of mine, who is known for raiding/griefing. I will also make sure that I report any abuse to the rules to lolnet staff.

lolnet's staff members are more amazing than you think. They are smart, mature, and know what they are doing. They do their job well and I thank them for putting me in my place.
Good to know that you learnt your lesson Sever. Feel free to make a ban appeal to ask staff reduce your ban time, otherwise see you when you are unbanned.