My PC Build [Knowledge Needed!]


hey! This is my PC build that im Hopefully gonna be building at Christmas.
Specs of the Beast.
GPU: Asus GeForce GTX 750ti
HARDDRIVE: 160 GB Harddrive (Old one But will upgrade to SSD later on)
PSU: Not chosen but it wont really effect the speed of the PC.
MONITOR: 22" inch HP 220V (I think that's the model no :p)
RAM: 2x 4GB = 8GB total.
OS: WIndows 8.1
So yeah that's pretty much most of it, I am wanting to do the following with it:

*Reccord Minecraft at 45+ fps (I don't want to drop below 45)
That's mainly only what im building it for, Apart from the odd steam game here and there.

I am hoping that should be enough $ spent on it to get those fps WHILE recording.
Feel free to leave your feedback and advice on wether those parts are okay to get that framerate :)

After all I ain't :notch:

Thanks for taking your time too read this~!


New list on what im wanting to do with it:
Record minecraft at 60+fps with these settings, Fancy & 8 render. Cptwin, The $1000 isn't including Windows, So I want to build it up under $1100 and that's including windows, So my price to spend on hardware is $1000 no over that, And I already have the harddrive and keyboard. and mouse, and monitor.