My NEW PVP Arena!


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Hey guys, I decided to make a new PVP arena

How it works:
We start of with 20 people, (5 people per match) and only the top 3 players get to advance to the next round. I will continue matches untill we get a number 1 winner.

Individual match:
1st place: $1000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $100

1st place:$50'000
2nd place: $20'000
3rd place: $10'000

I will be holding this competition once every three months (or when i can get enough money for it) so listen out for more details.

To get into a match:
1. Do NOT /msg me ingame
2. Post here with your name
3. All competitions will be held on Saturday and Sunday (when im not working)

1.You MUST give back all items
2.Do NOT bring anything into the arena that you don't want to lose
3.You MUST agree to all rules and regulations (regulations after rules)
4. Absalutley NO glitching
5. No mods that can give you the upper hand
6. NO food is allowed
7. I must be there to start the match

-You may use ANY enchantments on your sword (please no wining about 'he has better enchantments')
-ANY type of sword is allowed
-Under NO circumstances are golden apples allowed
-No flying or 'god' mode
-No potions are allowed

This is something that i built is survival so any donations (money or items) would be greatley appreciated. A shoutout to KRIMZIN for helping me with some of the rules and also to riotguradpro for helping abit with the build


thanks for the shout out nnewman ill see you in game