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This morning, 9:30 AM ( Philippine Time ) March 23, 2014 my friend who I will hide in the name " Danny " told me that he logged into my account and used a some sort of xray texture pack. He was scared to tell me that he was the reason for my ban for he knows that I will get mad. I had a chat with him and forgave him.

Miscarriage of justice. That is was happened to me. It is defined as the conviction and punishment of a person for a crime a person did not commit. I was banned for the use of xray even though I was not playing Minecraft and I was with my family at the mall. One of the causes of miscarriage of justice is lack of investigation.

I had fun playing in the best Minecraft server I have seen in my whole life. It has been a privilege to play in your server. I met a lot of good friends. It was fun while it lasted.

Thanks for all the people that I met in LOLNET. You made my life happy, until a misunderstanding that led to the end of this happiness. Thank you very much to a guy named cptwin. Thanks for making this server, the best I have seen.

Thank you to all the players whom I met and for their time, namely,

- Alyssa03
- anuryzm
- Shaarrpp
- Zaik
- Idomin8
- IceCubesBurning
- Shazzyshizzy
- Miss_Jo
- Kingmarsden
- aka_noob
- Yeosjav
- judiel
- frustia91
- drachenzzz
- FrizzlyBear
- Ghostchops
- and to the ever loving cptwin
Sorry for those I forgot to mention.

oh btw chosen, I am not itoxic24 I know him in real life he is Dan Carlo Santiago. I only have one account and will only stick to it, Nexwood. I know the rules when you get banned, do not enter with another account, and so I did not.

I know it is hard to believe that it was not really me using my account. I know that I will not be unbanned for this, however, it is good for all the players to know that I am innocent and did not do anything wrong. If I really loved LOLNET so much, why would I cheat and use xray? I am just saying that this is my goodbye to everyone, my goodbye to the best server in minecraft.

I will still be in touch with those people I loved so much in this server. You will still see me online sometimes in Mumble. Chat with me. Share your thoughts.

Goodbye to everyone! Goodbye to the best Minecraft server.


Nexwood :)


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For the record our rules are clear that your account is your responsibility the fact that you have shared the password with your friend does not excuse you from this fact

So miscarriage of Justus no, the punishment was applied to the account

Your crack at lack of investigation is also uncalled for the account that the punishment was applied to was using xray