My First Post



This is my first post in the forums. In this post i'll tell you how I discovered LOLNET , who were the friends I met in LOLNET and my experiences in LOLNET. So sit back , relax and enjoy this post! :D

December 2013 , that was the month when it all started I was browsing on MC servers on the net. I found some good servers. Yeah they were fun. Then I stumbled upon the LOLNET MC Server. The people were unbelievably hospitable. They welcome you when you are a new member of the server.

Some people will say WELCOME!!
Others would say Welcome to the LOLNET MC Server! If you have any questions do a /modreq or ask!

That feeling was so good.

Right now , I am playing on the server for 1 month. I met a lot of friends and people.

One of them was cashm0 , he was the UA that first helped me , he taught me the basics like how to claim land and other stuff. He also gave me some starting supplies.

Next is Roy74552. He was a good person , he helped me in times of need , gave me stuff and I lived near his house.

Next is THEWIZARDOF101. He's kind of cool. I like him , he lives with me and we are roleplaying. I am his father and he is my 9 year old son! ( how funny :D )

Next is GhostChops. He/She ( I don't know if he/she is girl or boy i'll just use he :D ) He was the first player who I traded with , he was good.

Next is XxSlayerzxX ( I don't know if I spelled that correctly ) he also traded with me and we did some more stuff.....

Next is Shaarrpp. He is my friend in real life , I was the one who told him to play in LOLNET and he is now an active player.

If I happen to miss some people just reply :D

The post ends here.

Here I give you a creeper! :creeper:


nice to meet you nexie, im glad you like lolnet! just wait till you know more people then you will be having an amazing time everyday that your online! :D


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Hey nexie, I'm glad you are having such a good time on lolnet, and I'm glad that I could help you get started! Lolnet is a great server and you will continue to enjoy coming back for a long time.