My biggest project yet(resource wise)


hello this is just a log of a project i will begin in the coming week just so i know when i started it :p, this project will the most resource intensive build i have ever undertaken but it will be worth it so here we go.

The resource list:

pistons - 1152 ( yeah i know its alot )
redstone - 576
repeaters - 576
Building materials - a metric shit load (at least four double chests)

so yeah i know this will take a while to gather but i like a challenge :) and i will give updates regardless of interest of "milestones" in the build, so see ya round lolnetians.

take care brush your hair, i'll see ya when i see ya, PEACE!


After a huge mining/caving expedition i came up with a way to vertically expand my existing enderfarm without having to build a new one from scratch but i am at fork in the road, which design should i use? while a ponder on it and get the data required i will show a sample of each design, so without further a due here they are:

Option A

Option B
with this design having a compact landing area compared to option A i will probably have multiple of this design in a small area if i choose it.

i will keep you posted on future milestones but until then happy minecrafting.

PS: sorry for the links but i couldnt get the pictures to size properly on the page


i am going to build the biggest and most efficient(hopefully) ender farm on the server since people cant buy ender pearls this will provide the people with said items and will also allow them to gain Xp at a fast rate if they so desire it.