My Absence from lolnet


YO hello to the people who could still recognize me. It's me NEXIE!! NexieDood in game.
I have been inactive from lolnet for quite a long time now, it's been four months?? I think.
I have been focusing on school for the past months and because of it I've become inactive now.
I would really want to play again after all those hard months, and I think, maybe this December I
will start to become active again. I am looking forward to a new beginning in this server. I am also
looking forward to meet new people and also to help the community. It's almost a year now since I started
playing on this server. It has been a fruitful year. Lots of ups and downs. Thank you for the experiences
and fun times to remember. I hope this second year will be better and have more memorable thoughts.

-Yours truly,
Nexie,NexieDood,Nexwood whatever you call me :D