i want to be a UA, like billy, that help me with alot and alot of things, or like mik, who tells me to dont panic and ba calm, and (not to spam :mrgreen: )
i wish i could be nexie, dats so nice putting gifts for us, or like lx, who finally became a ua cause of his hard work! wish i could be like king, so nice to everyone, or Noface, with all the things she archved, or like ZIGGy!!! who made me stay clam and not ge besherp when nath151 greif all me stuff and wreked me house and took away all me dimes, (!!!)most of allll DEZIL, who is OSM with making a computer and buliding servers!!!!!!!!and all the staffff!!!!!!!!!

but. i. am. myself. so. i. will. word. hard. for. me. goal. ;-;



Minecraft Username
You'll be fine mate, just spend time over your application, make it the best it can be...nd yeah, you forgot me :p But, if you need any help, feel free to message me, I'm happy to help :D...and, you might want to take some iron pills or're fainting...a lot... :p