Mountainside Ranch in Progress.


Hey guys!
danthemab here.

Now just so people get a bit of a heads up, I decided that I'm going to build a Mountainside Ranch at the new East Gate! And with it, i really want to set up a Horse Shop as well. Selling Pure-Bred Horses to the Whole server. So if you can, can you guys try not to travel too far out please? or else Lolnet won't have Horses an none of us will be happy :? . I might also Sell some Farmed goods like Leather, Meat Etc. So if you want a Zombie Butt Kickin Saddleback in 1.6, Then come to me partner! YEEE HAWWW!!!!!


Ps: Be a Griefer, and I'll Send Mr Wither to Hunt your Butt! :shock:


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If u need any building supplies I will be more than happy to oblige and donate some and when 1.6 comes out I will definitely buy one from you :)
Aw epic dan! I'm looking for a house maybe I could live on the ranch and help run things?
All I want is a horse in return :p