Monster UHC - for non staff

Do you want to see Monster UHC, and would you like to compete

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An Idea for Monster and possibly other servers later on, but I want to start a UHC (ultra Hard core). I think It will be a good project to do and will take some time to do. I can do most of the coding and setting up etc. But if someone would like to help with the coding that would be much appreciated as I have some majors coming up so I want be playing/ coding as much, but if there are some people that will help with the project that would be good. The UHC will be played in chunks not claimed by anyone and there will be a boarder and a large chunk size, not sure on the size yet - depends how much Chunks we can have between peoples claims.

I hope to start this project soon, there will be a poll if you want to see it happen, also if you want to compete in it. Also there may be some prizes :)

And please vote guys, I want to get this going and the only way it can is if the public vote :)

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